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    OSINT Refresher Training

    As a former OSINT student of IACA, you have access to OSIDATA®. This database is updated daily, and given that OSINT tools and techniques are constantly evolving, it’s essential to keep your knowledge of the core OSINT techniques and skills covered during the course up-to-date. To stay current with all the new developments in the field, we recommend participating in our annual refresher training.

    During this interactive refresher training, we revisit the core components of the OSINT course with a brief review. This includes revisiting the key concepts, skills, and techniques extensively covered in the basic course. In addition to refreshing your basic knowledge, we provide you with the very latest OSINT techniques, tools, and insights. By attending the refresher training, you will be fully updated on the newest developments in the OSINT field.

    If you choose not to participate in the refresher training, your OSINT diploma will remain valid. Participation is optional but recommended to keep your knowledge up-to-date.

    Furthermore, after attending the refresher training, you will receive another year of free access to our OSIDATA® database.

    For whom is this training developed?

    Our OSINT refresher training is specially designed for alumni of our OSINT training program. It’s the perfect way to keep your previously acquired OSINT knowledge up-to-date and further expand your expertise. The refresher is suitable for anyone who has completed an OSINT course at our institute, regardless of when you completed the program. Whether you graduated last year or some time ago, the refresher provides valuable updates and deepening of OSINT skills for every former student.

    Types of Courses: Open, Private, or Customized
    While this training is primarily offered in a virtual classroom setting, we understand that due to the nature of your work, you may prefer to ask questions in a private setting. With a minimum of twelve participants, we can provide a private virtual training. Additionally, we offer fully customized training programs based on (parts of) this module. We are happy to provide a tailored proposal.

    All our instructors have been screened and have signed confidentiality agreements with various government agencies. A specific confidentiality agreement for your organization or agency is also possible.

    Certification & Recognition
    Our training institute has been assessed and registered with the CRKBO (Central Register of Short Vocational Education Netherlands).

    Upon completing our annual OSINT refresher day, you will receive the IACA Certificate of Participation:

    IOSI110: OSINT Update 20XX

    With this certificate, you can demonstrate that your OSINT knowledge has been fully updated with the latest developments and insights in the field. The certificate is a valuable addition to your CV to showcase your current OSINT skills.

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