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  • Developing Hypotheses and Thinking in Scenarios

    Hypotheses and Scenarios

    Developing Hypotheses and Thinking in Scenarios

    In the complex world of research, “Developing Hypotheses and Thinking in Scenarios” are indispensable strategic methodologies. When applied correctly, they form a robust foundation for generating new leads and insights, which are crucial for unraveling complex problems. Our comprehensive three-day training program is meticulously crafted to guide you in mastering these techniques. A distinctive element of our training is the emphasis on anticipating criminal behavior, a vital skill that enables you to act proactively in investigative situations.

    We assist you in identifying and evaluating assumptions and biases, making you receptive to alternative scenarios that could lead to significant breakthroughs in your research. This training introduces our unique SceneSee Methodology and ScenarioRadar Analysis (SS/SR), designed to aid you in systematically dissecting scenario components and creating a more detailed scenario thinking flowchart.

    A key focus of our program is on the critical evaluation of existing information. Through hands-on case studies, you’ll learn to look beyond the obvious explanations. This approach helps you quickly generate new leads and insights for further analysis, sharpening and refining your research methodologies.

    Additionally, the program extensively covers structured brainstorming, a critical technique for hypothesis generation practiced collaboratively. You and your peers will work together to craft scenarios and address the recognition, understanding, and resolution of potential research challenges.

    Equipped with these frameworks and techniques, you will develop a focused plan of action, specifically tailored to the research methods and tools essential for deepening and expanding your scenario analysis.

    Who is this program for?

    This unique training program presents an excellent opportunity for anyone engaged or interested in research in its broadest sense. Whether you are a private investigator, a law enforcement officer, a finance professional, or a member of a security department, the knowledge and skills acquired during this program are immensely valuable. No specific prior knowledge or training is required, making this program accessible to a wide audience.

    However, the program is also highly beneficial for those with some experience in research who seek to deepen their expertise and develop an advanced understanding of scenario and hypothesis development, particularly through our proprietary SceneSee Methodology and ScenarioRadar Analysis (SS/SR). By blending theory with practical case studies and group discussions, our program offers participants the chance to not only learn new skills but also to collaborate and learn from fellow professionals in an interactive and challenging learning environment.

    Types of Courses: Open, Private, or Customized
    While this training is primarily offered in a classroom setting, we understand that due to the nature of your work, you may prefer to ask questions in a private setting. With a minimum of twelve participants, we can provide a private training at your location. Additionally, we offer fully customized training programs based on (parts of) this module. We are happy to provide a tailored proposal.

    All our instructors have been screened and have signed confidentiality agreements with various government agencies. A specific confidentiality agreement for your organization or agency is also possible.

    Certification & Recognition
    Our training institute has been assessed by and registered with the CRKBO (Central Register of Short Vocational Education Netherlands). Upon completion of this training you will receive the IACA certificate:

    Developing Hypotheses and Thinking in Scenarios

    Our courses and diplomas enjoy widespread recognition and are highly regarded by various government agencies, as well as a wide range of international organizations outside of the government sector. Whether you are already employed by such an organization or are seeking a position with one of these employers, our courses are a valuable addition to your resume.

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