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    Customized OSINT | HUMINT

    Your organization, department, or unit has a unique specialization. To perform your tasks effectively, you need access to the right digital information, whether local, national, or international. High standards are set for you and your colleagues. So, why not set special requirements for your training? A quality education can make the difference between success and failure in practice.

    For nearly a decade, IACA has been providing professional training programs that perfectly match your needs. When developing your customized training, your educational needs are always central. Over the years, our instructors have trained personnel from almost every Dutch organization involved in gathering digital intelligence, as well as staff from other intelligence and investigative services (e.g., American Criminal Intelligence Units). Moreover, our institute supports various organizations with their operational digital challenges through regulated channels.

    A customized training program from IACA is based on (parts of) an existing module or is exclusively developed for your organization.

    When should you consider a customized training program?

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    If there is a need to establish a new department or specialization;

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    If new employees need to be rapidly and effectively trained;

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    If there is a task expansion or a need for professionalization within your organization.

    IACA provides customized training programs in the following disciplines:

    Discipline 1. OSINT: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

    Discipline 2. SOCMINT: Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT)

    Discipline 3. Cyber-HUMINT: Internet Infiltration & Digital Surveillance

    Discipline 4. PFDAV®: Predictive Forensic Data Analytics & Visualisation

    Discipline 5. Interrogation, Interview Techniques, and Body Language

    Discipline 6. Communication, Behavior, Integrity, and Safety

    IACA has developed unique customized training programs for the Dutch and American governments, the United Nations, and national and international financial organizations. New employees at various organizations are required to complete an IACA training program.

    For customized programs, we generally require a minimum of 12 participants. Depending on your specific needs, we can certainly make exceptions to this. Additionally, it is possible to enter into a special non-disclosure agreement or undergo additional screening to suit the needs of your organization or service.

    If you want to learn more about the possibilities of customized training or a private course, please feel free to contact us.