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    Cyber HUMINT

    As users increasingly safeguard their personal information on social media, it becomes more challenging to gather and monitor the necessary digital information from these sources. Consequently, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) alone is no longer sufficient as an intelligence source. Additionally, various social media platforms are shifting their focus more towards exclusive use of mobile applications, catering to the growing demographic of younger users. Platforms such as Snapchat, KIK, TikTok, Instagram, and Tinder are prime examples of this trend.

    The solution to these developments? Cyber HUMINT!

    The training program for becoming a Cyber-HUMINT Strategic Operator (Virtual Agent) can be divided into the following operational components:

    Component 1: Creating an Online, Covert ‘Alter Ego

    Within the boundaries of laws and regulations, you will be taught the subtle art of inconspicuously gathering digital information about individuals and organizations. While this may seem straightforward at first glance, the reality is often more complex; creating and maintaining covert social media accounts (Sock Puppets) and a reliable ‘digital network of friends’ is typically more challenging in practice than expected. Furthermore, this training goes beyond merely using various social media sources and focuses on the development of a comprehensive online ‘alias’.

    Component 2: Combining Digital Analyses

    In addition to preparing, developing, and implementing the aforementioned ‘covert’ social media accounts and a digital ‘alter ego’, this training also focuses on creating professional digital text, profile, and group analyses. You will acquire the skill to ‘read’ and ‘understand’ individuals online, enabling you to adapt more effectively to the online environment. Such analyses make online infiltration transparent and increase the likelihood of success.

    Component 3: Protecting Your Own Identity and Digital Information

    Thanks to your knowledge of the latest tools and techniques for online digital infiltration, you’ll be better equipped to identify and unmask covert fake accounts attempting to acquire personal, business, or organizational information from you. This knowledge not only enhances your defensive capabilities but also enriches your overall skill set in digital intelligence operations.

    This unique training is also undertaken by American law enforcement agencies (references available upon request)

    This intensive training is dedicated to advanced, specialized investigative techniques. In the context of Information-Driven Tactics and Analysis, it’s essential to have access to all possible digital information to make and substantiate well-founded decisions. Therefore, prior to this module, you will gain access to the Cyber-HUMINT platform of the International Anti Crime Academy (IACA).

    This is the ultimate training for Information-Driven Investigations. The course is open to those who, in the course of their current or future professional activities, need to possess these skills.

    Overview of Components IHUM201:

    Component 20: Digital Text Analysis

    Component 21: Cyber Human Intelligence

    Component 22: Predictive Forensic Data Analytics & Visualization®

    Component 23: Digital Profile and Group Analysis

    Component 24: Creating social media infiltration accounts

    Component 25: Protection and Awareness of Your Own Identity and Digital Information

    Component 26: Artificial Intelligence, Information Gathering, and Analysis > Cyber Human Intelligence (Cyber HUMINT)

    Component 27: Cyberpsychology

    During this module, participants will gain access to a unique toolset developed specifically by IACA. This IACA toolset includes exclusive OSINT tools that are optimized for quickly searching social media sources such as Facebook and Telegram, visualizing geolocations, enhancing search engines, and effectively mapping online networks and connections. Additionally, participants will be instructed in the unique OSINT methodologies and procedures developed by IACA, enabling them to gather and analyze information in a structured and efficient manner. The integration of the specific IACA toolset and methodologies makes this training program unique and exclusively available at IACA.

    For whom is this training developed?

    This hands-on training is highly recommended for professionals involved in gathering information from private sources. This includes activities such as monitoring private groups, chats, and blogs, and in some cases, engaging in online interactions. The training is an essential step for those aiming to achieve the ‘Registered Cyber HUMINT Strategic Operator®’ certification, with a focus on internet infiltration and covert operations. Due to its practical approach, this training is particularly suitable for a specific group of professionals, including law enforcement and security personnel, as well as other investigators involved in various aspects of research and detection.

    Types of Courses: Open, Private, or Customized
    While this training is primarily offered in a classroom setting, we understand that due to the nature of your work, you may prefer to ask questions in a private setting. With a minimum of twelve participants, we can provide a private training at your location. Additionally, we offer fully customized training programs based on (parts of) this module. We are happy to provide a tailored proposal.

    All our instructors have been screened and have signed confidentiality agreements with various government agencies. A specific confidentiality agreement for your organization or agency is also possible.

    Certification & Recognition

    Our training institute has been assessed by and registered with the CRKBO (Central Register of Short Vocational Education Netherlands).

    This program is an accredited registered training program that has been assessed and accredited. For more information regarding the recognition and registration, you can select the training program below. Our training institute is the only civilian organization in Europe authorized and entitled to confer this diploma. Upon completion of this training, you will receive the SPEN diploma:

    Registered Cyber HUMINT Strategic Operator®

    Our courses and diplomas enjoy widespread recognition and are highly regarded by various government agencies, as well as a wide range of international organizations outside of the government sector. Whether you are already employed by such an organization or are seeking a position with one of these employers, our courses are a valuable addition to your resume.

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