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    Forensic Data Analysis

    Forensic Data Analysis (FDA)

    Forensic Data Analysis (FDA) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) encompasses an advanced process in which criminal and/or terrorist information is thoroughly analyzed and interpreted. The integration of AI into FDA transforms the traditional investigative domain into an innovative method, enabling the recognition or prediction of (hidden) connections, patterns, and activities with higher precision and efficiency.

    We offer a wide range of FDA training programs with AI, ranging from basic to advanced levels. These programs are supported by specially developed forensic software utilizing AI technologies. The powerful, high-speed software allows users to create impressive visualizations in 2D, 3D, or Virtual Reality, significantly simplifying the analysis of complex data structures.

    Scientific studies have shown that the combination of AI and visualizations assists analysts in better understanding the analyzed results. This enables them to conduct (digital) investigations more quickly and accurately and make well-informed decisions.

    In the classes, in addition to teaching various analytical methodologies and AI techniques, attention is given to skill development and understanding relevant terminology. Practical analysis is a core component of the curriculum, with a focus on:

    Detecting and predicting (financial) criminal behaviors using AI algorithms

    Mapping criminal or terrorist organizations through network analysis and machine learning.

    Making available data searchable and recognizing patterns through advanced search and analysis methods with AI.

    Providing insights into social media activities and connections through AI-driven analysis tools.

    Depending on the level of education and the specific course, the classes are taught by experienced Dutch or American instructors with expertise in both Forensic Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

    For whom is this training developed?

    The Forensic Data Analysis (FDA) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) training is specifically designed for professionals aiming to expertly dissect complex data streams to gain valuable insights in the investigation of criminal and/or terrorist activities. This training bridges the gap between technological innovations in AI and the practical needs of the forensic field.

    The training is structured flexibly to cater to the unique needs of different organizations and their teams. Our training coordinators are ready to work with you to develop a customized curriculum that aligns with the learning objectives and operational requirements of your organization.

    This training is exclusively offered in a private format to allow us to tailor it to the specific needs and questions that arise from the nature of your work. We organize private training for groups starting from twelve participants, offering the opportunity to fully customize the content of the training to your preferences and requirements. Our location provides a secure and discreet environment where you and your team can fully focus on the material presented. We would be pleased to create a customized proposal for you, ensuring that the training seamlessly aligns with the knowledge level and learning objectives of all participants.

    All our instructors have been screened and have signed confidentiality agreements with various government agencies. A specific confidentiality agreement for your organization or agency is also possible.

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