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  • Cyber HUMINT Strategic Operator®

    Cyber HUMINT Strategic Operator®

    Cyber HUMINT Strategic Operator®

    Recognition and Certification

    In 2018, the International Anti Crime Academy submitted its course IHUM201: Cyber HUMINT for evaluation to the Center for Post-Initial Education (CPION) in the Netherlands. This organization serves as the official contact point for educational institutions seeking to have their post-initial programs recognized as accredited registered courses. CPION is charged with ensuring the quality of various educational bodies, including the Foundation for Permanent Education in the Netherlands (SPEN). Only courses that meet stringent quality criteria are eligible for the ‘registered course’ designation and are also included in the Dutch Education Database.

    A prerequisite for registration with SPEN is that the course material, in this case, the Registered Cyber HUMINT Strategic Operator® program, meets the expectations of a registered course in terms of level, depth, currency, and relevance to the job market, as assessed by the expert Advisory Committee associated with the institute. In evaluating a registered course, this Advisory Committee examines and safeguards various elements such as content, duration, number of teaching hours, study load, practical assignments, examination tasks, and more.

    This rigorous procedure has enabled the International Anti Crime Academy to grant a recognized and registered diploma for the course:

    Registered Cyber HUMINT Strategic Operator®

    To ensure the quality and job market relevance of its course, the International Anti Crime Academy has also established an external HUMINT Advisory Committee. This committee comprises members actively involved in sectors such as Investigation (semi-government), Intelligence (government), and Civil Investigation and Supervision (non-government).

    The Advisory Committee oversees and provides guidance on the alignment of the Registered Cyber HUMINT Strategic Operator® program with practical applications in the aforementioned job market sectors.

    Upon earning your diploma, you will enjoy the following benefits:

    1. You will receive the accredited Registered Cyber HUMINT Strategic Operator® diploma.

    2. You will be included in the Dutch Graduates Register, allowing (future) employers to verify your diploma.

    3. Holding this diploma may qualify you for exemptions in other educational programs.

    4. The register provides the option to request a replacement diploma in case you lose the original.

    Our courses and diplomas are widely recognized and highly regarded by various government services, as well as a broad spectrum of international organizations beyond the government. Whether you are already employed at such an organization or aspire to a position with one of these employers, our training programs are a valuable addition to your resume.