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  • Interview Specialist for Safety and Integrity in the Workplace

    Interview Specialist for Safety and Integrity

    Interview Specialist for Safety and Integrity in the Workplace

    In today’s complex work environments, gaining a clear understanding of the underlying issues that can impact workplace integrity and safety is essential. Our 3-day “Interview Specialist for Safety and Integrity in the Workplace” training is meticulously designed to meet this need. A key aspect of this course involves mastering the right interview techniques, an essential tool to uncover the real issues and understand employees’ experiences and concerns.

    During many integrity investigations, both internal and external parties often fail to adopt the correct approach during interviews. This leads to a lack of openness from interviewees, potentially resulting in an incomplete or distorted view of the situation. This training is carefully crafted to equip professionals with empathetic, respectful, and effective interviewing skills. By doing so, they can create a safe environment where interviewees feel comfortable and secure in sharing their stories.

    Creating a Safe Conversation Environment

    Learn how to create a supportive and non-threatening environment where interviewees feel safe to communicate openly and honestly.

    Advanced Questioning Techniques

    Delve into advanced questioning techniques that help get to the heart of the matter, while maintaining a respectful and understanding demeanor.

    Non-Verbal Communication and Empathy

    Develop a deep understanding of non-verbal communication and learn how to use empathy to build trust and elicit honest responses.

    Handling Sensitive Topics

    Acquire skills to tactfully handle sensitive topics, making interviewees comfortable enough to share crucial information.

    Analysis and Interpretation

    Learn how to accurately analyze and interpret the information gathered to obtain a clear and truthful understanding of the workplace situation.

    Who is this program for?

    This training program is specifically designed for professionals who aspire to specialize in conducting integrity investigations within organizations, with a high degree of professionalism and ethical responsibility. The focus of the course is on teaching effective and respectful interviewing techniques, enabling participants to gain deep insights into issues affecting workplace integrity and safety. This makes the training particularly relevant for individuals in leadership roles, HR professionals, internal and external investigators, and others involved in ensuring organizational integrity and safety.

    By participating in this training, attendees will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to foster a culture of openness and respect, making employees feel safer and more comfortable sharing their experiences and concerns. This is crucial for identifying and addressing potential issues that can undermine the work environment.

    Additionally, this course is also suitable for professionals looking to advance or expand their careers in related fields such as corporate investigation, risk management, and integrity and safety consultancy. The skills and knowledge offered in this training are designed to give participants a competitive edge in today’s complex and demanding work environments, where the ability to conduct effective and ethical integrity investigations is invaluable.

    Types of Courses: Open, Private, or Customized
    While this training is primarily offered in a classroom setting, we understand that due to the nature of your work, you may prefer to ask questions in a private setting. With a minimum of twelve participants, we can provide a private training at your location. Additionally, we offer fully customized training programs based on (parts of) this module. We are happy to provide a tailored proposal.

    All our instructors have been screened and have signed confidentiality agreements with various government agencies. A specific confidentiality agreement for your organization or agency is also possible.

    Certification & Recognition
    This program is an accredited registered training program that has been assessed and accredited. For more information regarding the recognition and registration, you can select the training program below. Our training institute is the only civilian organization in Europe authorized and entitled to confer this diploma. Upon completion of this training, you will receive the SPEN diploma:

    Interview Specialist for Safety and Integrity in the Workplace

    Our courses and diplomas enjoy widespread recognition and are highly regarded by various government agencies, as well as a wide range of international organizations outside of the government sector. Whether you are already employed by such an organization or are seeking a position with one of these employers, our courses are a valuable addition to your resume.

    Subsequent Modules
    As an additional training option, you may choose from one of the following programs:

    IOSI101: OSINT Module 1

    Developing Hypotheses and Thinking in Scenarios

    Interrogation, Interview Techniques, and Body Language

    Registered Body Language Analyst

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