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    OSIDATA®: The World's Largest 'Open Source' Database


    Your gateway to professional research!

    The International Anti Crime Academy (IACA) offers its students access to an exclusive, online, and secure learning platform. Here, students can utilize the latest tools, software, and techniques in OSINT, SOCMINT, and Cyber-HUMINT, including videos, scripts, search engines, and reference materials. This platform also facilitates the sharing of new techniques and insights among analysts, researchers, students, and instructors in a secure environment.

    Known as ‘OSIDATA®-3’, this learning platform is organized into 52 ‘chapters,’ each presenting the most current tools, software, and wizards specific to that topic. For instance, the ‘Facebook’ chapter offers numerous methods for investigating Facebook accounts, while the ‘Companies’ chapter provides direct access to over 160 trade registers. In the ‘Monitoring’ chapter, users can track websites, social media accounts, and specific keywords. OSIDATA®-3 is designed for users to customize their database according to their preferences.

    Given the rapid evolution of online information and intelligence gathering techniques and tools, OSIDATA®-3 is updated and adjusted daily. Additionally, our instructors and developers create unique methodologies and extensions to help analysts uncover information that remains hidden to others.

    All aspects of OSIDATA® are covered during the OSINT training programs. Both novice and highly experienced analysts and researchers will be amazed by the extensive capabilities of OSIDATA®-3, significantly enhancing the efficiency of online information and intelligence gathering and reducing the time required. Moreover, students enrolled in the Cyber-HUMINT training gain access to a specific extra toolset.

    Each OSINT and Cyber-HUMINT module includes a year’s authorization for OSIDATA®. For example, if you complete IOSI101 and IOSI102, you are automatically authorized for OSIDATA® for two years.

    Users regularly receive updates about the latest tools, software, and techniques through this secure platform.

    If the authorization associated with your completed IACA training has expired, you have the option to attend an ‘OSINT Refresher Day’ or pay an annual fee of $ 200, excluding VAT. We offer a discount for multiple participants. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

    It’s important to note that OSIDATA® is not a commercial product and is exclusively accessible to our current and former students.